Sinead O’Donoghue

Emotional Education Group Leader

This fascination with the human experience and growth has led her to study many modalities that invite self-exploration and self-awareness in order to help people and communities heal.

The Group experience facilitates not only a greater capacity for actors to learn to relate to each other, but also fosters inner emotional comfort that leads to deeper vulnerability and connection to ourselves and others.

Sinead moved from her native Ireland to New York to train as an actor. Her early interest in storytelling developed into an obsession with theater and the art of acting. Theater provokes an audience to reflect, and, hopefully, heal itself, both individually and as a community.

After many years of study, she came to understand that her passion was about people themselves, helping them to grow, develop, and realize their fullest potential.

This fascination with the human experience and growth has led her to study many modalities that invite self-exploration and self-awareness in order to help people and communities heal.

Sinead pursued her professional training as an actor with Terry Knickerbocker and completed the Two Year Meisner program. She earned her B.A in Theater from Empire State College and her Masters of Social Work with a focus in Psychotherapy from New York University. Sinead is also a certified Reiki healer and the founder of The Movement IaMheR, a platform that empowers women who have experienced sexual violence to share their stories of experience, strength, and hope.

Hear From Our Students

“It’s an amazing experience to discover how vast you are in so many ways…..”


Sinead, because she has a reference in Meisner work and therapy, is able to give a perspective that I really needed. Even to this day, I am shocked about the things that come up in the work from me. It’s really surprising and crazy and amazing. It’s an amazing experience to discover how vast you are in so many ways. But it’s so much to do it alone. I don’t think anyone should do it alone.

For me, personally, trying to do it alone made me feel crazy or like the things that I was experiencing were in a bubble. And being able to release that in the work, and then also have a sounding board to release them to outside of the work with my peers and with someone who has a therapeutic background has been so healing and so freeing for me.

– Lilianna H.

Emotional Education Group Member

Sinead really did an amazing job of creating a safe environment that she led without actually leading the discussion; we led the discussion with what we wanted to talk about. And if conflict arose or if someone felt unsafe, she always stepped in. It’s great to have someone there who is leading the charge, but lets us have the freedom to drive the conversation.

Evan R.

Emotional Education Group Member


Sinead’s great. Even if you don’t want to do Emotional Education Group, you should do it just to see Sinead do her thing.

I don’t even know how to describe, in my opinion, how good she is at what she does. She’s very good at making everyone feel safe. And trust in a safe space is huge for me. If I feel even the slightest sense of not being safe, I can’t do my work. And when Sinead’s in the room, I feel like I can share anything and know that, at the very least, she will be there to hold space and to help everyone else hold space for me.

There have been so many times in group where I have been just terrified to my bones of sharing something that I was going through, for whatever reason. But Sinead showed me time and time again that that space in group, that’s where it should come out.

And honesty (I am not exaggerating), I don’t know how I could have done the training if I wasn’t in group. I say group should be mandatory for any actor at the Studio. Because there is nothing to lose from joining group. If anything, you just get to learn more about yourself and that always goes back into the acting training.

– Kevin K.

Emotional Education Group Member


Sinead creates a very safe environment for us to share our feelings and relate to what others are saying and have usually-hard-to-have conversations. She’s such an expert in navigating and guiding people through their emotions.

I feel grateful to have Sinead in the TK community. She models being real, she never performs an extra-cautious, caring stereotypical therapist. She just feels like another person in the group who is just a master of these communication skills and a master of emotions. She could go to a very deep place with you in just a couple seconds. She illustrates a great master in this field.

– Berk I.

Emotional Education Group Member

I love Sinead. She’s so calming, she’s so warm, but not in a performative way. She just is warmth and is this calm and centered energy that is so necessary because the things that come up in the Emotional Education Group are so personal and so vulnerable. But she’s there with you every step of the way, and there to work through it with you, no matter what.

She is so intelligent and can see right through all of your guards and your walls. And she’ll call out those walls and you’ll be like, “I hate that! I hate that you can see that!” But that’s why you want her in the room because you need someone of her expertise and of her naturally warm, inviting, open demeanor to point that out.

And that’s how you grow: with someone like Sinead being your guide. She lets everything go the way it goes and she’s cool with whatever way it goes, but she’s always gonna call you out. And she’s always going to help you voice things and name things and honor things, no matter how disturbing they are to you.

– Sophia C.

Emotional Education Group Member