Pandora Scooter

Theater History, Script Analysis, Solo-Show Writing

Pandora Scooter is an award winning playwright and spoken word artist.

I believe in the power of live theatre to help change audience's minds and hearts for the better.

Pandora Scooter is an award winning playwright and spoken word artist.  Her solo shows I Am Enough and OutWordlyFabulous toured the nation to 45+ cities in 30 states in 2011 and 2015.  In 2017, her feminist punk rock musical won Best Musical at the Fresh Fruit Festival, NYC’s only queer theatre festival.  Currently, she is in rehearsals for her newest solo show Mother’s Day.  As a producer, Pandora has worked on To & Fro Productions’ award winning projects Noisy and Segregation.

For 20 years, she has taught an original approach to script analysis called The Bunseki Method, developed specifically for Meisner actors.  In 2015, she wrote a book on the subject, which she uses in her classes at Terry Knickerbocker Studio and at NYU’s Meisner program.  Pandora is a dedicated and driven theatre-maker and believes in the power of live theatre to help change audience’s minds and hearts for the better.

Hear From Our Students

“I can’t stress enough how patient she is with her students – unrelentingly so…..”


Although it was not required, I enrolled in Pandora’s Advanced Script Analysis class because I knew working with her could only make me more skilled in this area. It was a small class, but definitely worthwhile. Pandora methodically walked us through everything we needed to know using a very relatable approach. She worked with us directly on the text and stuck with us until we got it. Pandora is flexible and adapts to the needs of the class. I can’t stress enough how patient she is with her students – unrelentingly so. When we had disagreements in class, Pandora discussed the differing ideas thoroughly and went through how each choice would impact our work. I have used and continue to use the techniques I learned in Pandora’s class when I am working on a text.

– Liz E.


“Pandora was supportive every step of the way…..”


In Solo Show, working with Pandora is like working with a partner. Pandora was supportive every step of the way. She eased us into the work with fun writing prompts and discussions before we started actually working on our drafts. Once we were writing our pieces, Pandora maintained the comfortable, safe, low stress environment she had created for us. I am always a little nervous to receive feedback on my work, but Pandora was both direct and kind when making suggestions for edits. Her encouragement made doing the work fun and exciting; it never felt like a chore. When we got past the writing stage and into performing, again, Pandora was incredibly encouraging and supportive. She had ideas for every tricky performance situation and offered advice when we needed it.

– Liz E.


“Pandora is a great collaborator…..”


Writing a solo show requires personal commitment, generosity and courage. However, through-out the process, you will surely feel self-doubt, fear and a relentless need to procrastinate. Having Pandora Scooter in your corner during the writing process will ensure you have all the knowledge and experience that you need to write something of which you can really feel proud. Pandora is a great collaborator. She will challenge you, but she is also very caring and will be there to support you while you attempt to bare your soul and tell your story.

– Jeff C.