Clowning is based in the pursuit of the "little one" in all of us.


Clowning is based in the pursuit of the clown in all of us: you as the “little one” who played with abandon and wasn’t yet socialized, the actor with a desire to uncover the beautiful, the violent, the passionate, the mysterious, and the funny with an intense curiosity. There’s no politeness, no worrying, no apologizing.

Clowning will help you fight your fears and identify and combat your inhibitions onstage; you’ll work toward that messy, scary, FUN place of absolute generosity and vulnerability.


Clown I is The Beginning. We’ll begin our search for The Little One/Clown and move through a series of large and small group, partner, and solo exercises, designed to build upon each other, get scarier and scarier, and ultimately lead you to the joyous, triumphant rediscovery of your Little One, and you pledging that going forward in your acting work, you’ll be letting him/her/them drive.

With The Little One driving–barely seeing over the steering wheel, and swerving all over the road—and you in the sidecar, it’s time for Clown II, where–if you can believe it, s*&% gets even more real. We continue moving through group, partner, and solo exercises that have, by this point, become utterly terrifying, and at the same time, euphorically transformational for you as an actor/artist. You’ll start to create a bit of your own (stupid, silly) work, and then–what all this ludicrousness has been leading up to–you’ll be handed a red nose–and we’ll meet your Clown.

Now that your Clown has a nose and a name, all they wanna do is MAKE STUFF. They can’t wait to create gorgeous stupid outrageous shocking hilarious daring magical gut-wrenching awesomeness. So…we won’t make them wait. In the demanding Clown III, your Clown will inform what kind of material YOU want to devise—it’s all about what YOU LIKE (duh–as always)—what makes you curious? What questions do you want to ask the audience? What do you want to show the world? We’ll tackle brand new exercises and generate brand new material, and then we’ll piece everything together into a glorious puzzle—a Clown Show that we will share with an audience, and that you may be inspired to take with you beyond this class. Above all, Clown III will be a celebration of your Clown Journey—how far you’ve come, and where you’ll go next.

For Clown I: An Open Heart
For Clown II: Clown I
For Clown III: Clown II (you get the idea…)

Clown I
Wednesdays 7-10pm
No class 11/23

Clown II
Sundays 6-9pm
No class 11/27


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