First Year Acting

Begin your foundational training in the Meisner Technique

Second Year Acting

Character Work Begins Only When the Foundation is Ready

Emotional Education Group

Need a place to process the feelings that come up in your training experience?

Theatre History

This isn’t your average Theatre History class...

Voice & Speech I

Voice & Speech I develops your self-awareness and understanding of relaxation and openness.

Voice & Speech II

Actors continue to develop awareness and freedom as they increase flexibility and variety in their speaking voice.

Voice & Speech III

Students build on the foundation developed in Voice I and II, and now focus the exploration and awareness on the individual speech and personal ‘accents’.

Voice & Speech IV

Voice & Speech IV is advanced speech and voice work.

Movement I

Our Bodies are our Instruments. Tune them well with Movement for Actors

Movement II

In Movement II, you are constantly supported to bring all the mechanisms of Acting closer together.

Movement III

Discovering Structure in the Freedom

Movement IV

Moving from Classwork to Performance

Take control of your career, and your craft

How Good Do You Want To Be?

Not sure which program is for you?

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