Become The Best Actor You Can Be: Take Allan Wayne at TKS

The American dancer Allan Wayne (1907-1978) created an experiential alignment and movement technique fusing elements of European ballet, classical Javanese dance, and bioenergetics. He taught his technique to students for over 40 years before his death. His former student Paul Langland, a performer and teacher in his own right, organizes what he learned from Allan with ideas from other forms of dance and somatic research. This fusion of principles represents a distinct body of work which Paul names “Allan Wayne Work”.

What is Allan Wayne acting technique?

This series of intensive workshops is an opportunity for students to physically and energetically experience some of the key principles of Allan Wayne Work. These principles include: connecting to layers of muscular support, closer to the skeleton; utilizing these structures for more efficient uses of energy, expression, and fuller range of movement; increasing strength and flexibility; exploring individual and group improvisations rooted in Allan Wayne Work principles; and more. Students will also be invited to explore how the physical and emotional flow of this work can contribute to more released and authentic vocal production.

In addition to Mr. Langland, this series of workshops will be taught by the other co-founders of the Allan Wayne Work Alliance, Brendan McCall and Brenna Palughi. Collectively, these three bring over 75 years´ worth of experience teaching this work to actors, dancers, and singers all over the world.

Here’s why Allan Wayne Work stands out from the crowd of acting techniques:

    1. Emotional Resonance: Allan Wayne’s technique places a strong emphasis on accessing genuine emotions. It equips actors with the tools to tap into their own emotional experiences and channel those feelings into their characters, creating a profound and relatable performance.
    2. Practical Exercises: The classes are packed with practical exercises and improvisation, enabling actors to immerse themselves in their roles. These exercises help build the muscle memory needed to respond authentically in any acting scenario.
    3. Scene Study: The technique places a strong focus on scene study, providing actors with the skills to dissect and analyze scripts. This thorough understanding of the material allows for a more nuanced and compelling performance.

Dear Actor, Don’t Miss This Class!

Allan Wayne Movement technique is a game-changer for actors seeking to reach their full potential. If you’re serious about your craft and are looking for a place to hone your skills, Allan Wayne class is a must-stop on your journey to becoming the best actor you can be. If you’re not an actor and are looking for a way to express yourself, change your status quo, and have fun unlocking your body through movement, this is for you, too! Trust us, you’ll want this in your toolbelt. All levels of experience, from beginners to professionals, are welcome to attend.