Michael Godere


“Terry has been my acting coach for the past six years. In a word, my work with Terry has gotten me more ACTIVE! Terry knows how to make a scene active, you active, the role active – which leads to him bringing your work to its richest, deepest, most inventive self. He opens you up to a new world of choices, that comes out of the intention of the character and your creativity. Scenes or moments I thought I could coast through, Terry always forces me to find more. If a moment is not obviously burning with intention – it better be simmering towards one. He has a unique way he guides you through every moment of the script – a poetic, free-associative, instinctual ride he takes you on – through his lyrics, improvs, humor and insight, you discover the subtext together. Resulting in an alive inner life which becomes the foundation for your actions. Giving you the freedom to spontaneously erupt in any given moment, introducing the possibilities for humor, danger, desire, etc… where you maybe didn’t expect. He brings the choices out of you, from your emotional life, while simultaneously giving you tons of ideas – they pour out of him like quarters from a slot machine that just hit the jackpot!!”

Michael’s Bio

Michael Godere is an actor, writer, and producer based out of New York. He has worked in Theatre, independent film, and television for many years, as well as enjoyed a writing career. He co-wrote and acted in Daylight, which was a New York Times Critics’ Pick. Other notable projects include The Sopranos, Blind Spot, Blue Bloods, The Affair, and Clover. 

He has been working with Terry for almost a decade.

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