Natasha Lyonne

“Working with Terry was an excellent experience. Much of our focus was on staying loose, not being tense; because it’s hard to lock into a character’s emotional life when the actor playing them is all tensed up. The environment Terry creates feels immediately rich with ideas and specific choices. Going off and making a movie after our work together, I felt well-armed to bring a very real, original, and emotionally fleshed-out person to the screen. I felt confident in my choices and spent less time second-guessing myself. All our work freed me up to be in the moment, and improvise with specificity, and to feel very alive in the role I was playing.”

Natasha’s Bio

Natasha Lyonne is an Emmy Award nominated actress for her role of Nicky Nichols on “Orange is the New Black”. Other notable film credits include American Pie, Party Monster, Kate & Leopold, and Detroit Rock City among many others. Her stage credits include the award-winning production of New Group’s production of Two Thousand Years, the original cast of Love, Loss, and What I Wore, Tigers Be Still, and Blood From a Stone.

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