Julia Mayorga

TK Actor

Inspired by many great New York trained actors before me I enrolled in Terry Knickerbocker Studio for a Summer Intensive. The constant challenge was humbling and empowering. Not always easy, but truthful. A push and pull that sometimes felt impossible, but special. Something finally clicked that Summer--This was the training I was searching for. I decided to stay and sign up for the Two Year Program. Within my first year I booked a series regular role. I credit my preparation and growth as an actor not only to Terry, but the studio. To the wonderful teachers who helped me connect my voice and body to my acting. It takes a village. Through the program and private coaching, Terry has taught me to be unapologetic in my work. To listen and to respond. To live in the moment and to craft creative ideas. To dissect a script and be spontaneously free. His knowledge and dedication to this work and his students is all heart. I will always be a student of life and this craft. I’m grateful to have this support system and guidance to help me grow and remain inspired.

Julia’s Bio

Julia Mayorga is an American actor, and a graduate of the Two Year Conservatory Program. She is best known for her roles in Showtime’s American Rust, and the film It is Decidedly So. 

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