Stage Combat

Learn how to be present, aware, and engaged.

This class will use the Zoom platform to:
Learn physical vocabulary for the creation of simulated violence on stage and screen
Explore in depth the principles of stage combat, and how to adapt/apply them in performance
Develop a critical eye for what constitutes effective simulated violence, through film analysis and discussion
Use of breath as dialogue
Creation of a personalized final project

At first, studying stage combat on Zoom seems counterintuitive. However, this platform allows us to shift our focus to the individual- developing our physical instruments, and fully embodying our acting choices. By focusing on our reactions, our vulnerability, and adaptability, we open ourselves to being fully present and aware, and therefore more fully engaged in the work and with our fellow actors. The goal of this course is to gain the specific skills needed to become a stronger physical performer, as well as a creative, knowledgeable, and generous (and therefore more marketable) collaborator.



Wednesdays 330-530pm EST