Third Year: Take Charge of Your Career Program

The Actor as Artist and Entrepreneur

At the Terry Knickerbocker Studio, we firmly believe excellence leads to success. The selective Take Charge of Your Career Program prepares actors for the rigors of being a professional in the entertainment industry and includes classes in Film & TV, auditioning, voiceover, and cold reading. The program culminates in an audition-based digital showcase for qualified students, which is shared with top professionals in the industry.


The Take Charge of Your Career Program prepares the actor for the demands of being an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry. We not only continue to nurture the artist’s needs but we also lay the foundation for their career. Today’s actor has to maintain their artistic identity while simultaneously running their own business. The ever-changing landscape of media (film, independent film, television, web series, shorts, theater, etc.) gives actors more chances to work. However, without a clear marketing plan and a strategic outlook, they run the risk of missing many of these opportunities.

The actor will explore and refine their brand as it pertains to the industry as a whole.  With a clear marketing strategy for film, television, web, and theater the actor will strategize an entrepreneurial plan for themselves while not losing sight of their artistic integrity and creative goals.


Take Charge of Your Career

9 - 11 Hours per Week, Including Outside Work


Take Charge of Your Career

3 - 6 Hours per Week Each, Including Outside Work

Take Charge Of Your Career


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Hear From Our Students

“I highly, highly recommend these ladies, and this program!”

After working with Terry in Master Class for well over a year (maybe even two), Terry had a little heart-to-heart with me. He sat me down and, well, let’s just say he *really encouraged me* to consider taking Year 3 with Katie and Allison. After all, the goal is to work, and these classes, he said, teach the actor the very useful skill of finding a way to work TV & film auditions and self-tapes. Although I’ve been an actor for some time, I haven’t worked in while (having taken 10 years away to become a mom to three kids) and I agreed with Terry that in this very different TV & film environment that my skills needed freshening.
Boy, was I wrong. I did not need a refresher – I needed an *entire redo* in my approach. To everything! Allison and Katie’s 3rd Year Program was *amazing* in helping me to start that work. I highly, highly recommend these ladies, and this program!
– Kathy C.
3rd Year Student

“She gives you the tools to make your best case…..”


Allison is a lovely, smart and talented casting director who reminds us jaded actors that CD’s actually really want you to book the job! She gives you the tools to make your best case – from discovering your “type” & your “colors” to how to market yourself/how the networks market themselves, and how to create a website that brings together all of this and feels modern and current and useful! And, most importantly, she reminds you of how none of this even really matters unless the real “you” is popping off of the page/screen. Since I left the industry in the caveman days, all of this information was incredibly helpful to me.

– Kathy C.

3rd Year Student


“I can’t believe I ever booked a job prior to Katie and wonder how many auditions I blew because I didn’t have the skills she teaches…..”

Katie Flahive is a gift. She is a talented, working actor who helps you put all of the incredible lessons you’ve learned from Terry and the other amazing staff at TKS to use. The ability to self-tape is something I never knew how to do, and learning how to do that effectively has been invaluable. I’ve attended TV and film seminars in the past and many feel overly technical or “showbiz-y.”  Katie reminds us not only about the technical aspects of acting in film and TV, but also about our choices as artists and as human beings, and how to develop a practice that nourishes both.
In addition to all that we accomplished with script analysis, self-tapes, cold reads, prepared sides, etc., we also did exercises in movement and breath and music. I can’t believe I ever booked a job prior to Katie and wonder how many auditions I blew because I didn’t have the TV and film skills she teaches.
After the 3rd Year program ended, I have continued to take class with Katie in small groups. The time spent with fellow actors and artists every week doing this work is such a welcome respite. Always challenging, but always welcome. For those few hours, I am reminded that, in a world where everything seems to be going to shit, storytelling has never been more important.
– Kathy C.
3rd Year Student

“She helps you take back charge over yourself as an artist…..”


For me, studying with Allison was super helpful because she helps you pinpoint where you are and how to either break into the industry or how to further your career if you’re already in the industry. She helps you take back charge over yourself as an artist and what you want out of this career.

It was also great to have a community of people who have the same concerns or fears or experiences with the industry as you do. Allison walks you through industry key points such as, not only your own branding as an actor but also the branding of these network shows or streaming platforms and so you also have more of an idea of what the people on the other side of the camera auditioning you are looking for. It’s very empowering and I think it’s really important as artists to be able to feel empowered to start making moves and decisions and start working and making things happen.

– Julie S.

3rd Year Student

“Allison’s the person to go to….”


So why should an actor takes Allison’s class? The #1 reason for me was the biggest reason I wanted to take the class: because of my anxiety. As I’m sure a lot of you also feel: you just graduated, you’re fresh out the gate, like, where do you go? what do you do? Allison’s the person to go to. She has so much knowledge and expertise and comfort in her bag of tools that she can give to you to accomplish your goals. And she was so good at helping me ease that anxiety and think like “Ok, yeah I need to start somewhere. And here’s where I’m gonna start.”

– Daniela G.

3rd Year Student


“I feel like if you want to be an on-camera actor, Katie is the way to go….”


What struck me the most about Katie’s teaching and coaching is that she’s in the Industry and she’s experiencing what we want to experience in the Film & TV world. She brings in her knowledge and shares it with us and it’s incredibly hopeful and relatable. She’s been able to bridge the work the we do in Terry’s class to her class and make it make sense on camera as simple as it can be.

I feel like if you want to be an on-camera actor, Katie is the way to go. She’s brilliant. She really is. Because of her I was able to find my way and I was able to narrow down what I needed to work on. She’s there with you. I now have a better understanding and a better relationship with the camera. I appreciate her class so much and I plan on taking more classes with her to keep my craft going and improving. She’s a hard worker and a hard-working coach and I aspire to be a hard-working actor just like her.

Take her class. Take her class! Especially if you’re more in tune with stage and theater acting and want to go in to Film & TV. It’s challenging, but she has the way and the teaching and the techniques to get the ball rolling.

– Deonna D.

3rd Year Student

“Katie is the kind of mentor and the kind of teacher who really empowers you as an artist to show up and to do the work….”


I have been working with Katie Flahive just short of two years now. Katie is the kind of mentor and the kind of teacher who really empowers you as an artist to show up and to do the work. She works with an incredible specificity and precision and she never misses a beat. What that really allows for is it helps you cultivate a creative process that is not about perfection, it’s just about skillful execution.

In the two years that I’ve worked with her, I’ve seen her treat each student that has come into the studio (or has popped up on a computer screen) with such a level of care and compassion that the outcome is you are working in a space that is incredibly safe. So you feel like you can push yourself, challenge yourself and, ultimately, you can surprise yourself.

Whether we’re working monologues or scene study or Katie is teaching us about the business of the entertainment world and of acting (which she has an incredible amount of knowledge on), I think what this class really gives you is a road map. We all know that this career is not something that is incredibly linear. So having a road map is a tool that is very, very important. That allows you to have a certain level of confidence that I know I have gotten since working with Katie. That’s probably one of my biggest takeaways from this class. So the work is hard and the work is challenging but ultimately the work is incredibly fun. And I would say, “Run, don’t walk! Go work with Katie!”

– Julia A.

3rd Year Student

Katie will get you used to being in the audition room. She will help you understand the audition process and how the industry operates. And I think for any actor who is up-and-coming: that is invaluable. I can’t imagine anyone who wants to be an actor, who wants success, not taking this class.

– Rob S

3rd Year Student

“….she really challenges you to be the artist that you say you want to be….”


What I love about studying with Katie is the combination of rigor and nourishment that she brings to the classroom.

In terms of rigor, she really challenges you to be the artist that you say you want to be. She’s incredibly eagle-eyed and sharp-witted and sharp-focused so she really calls you on your stuff and challenges you to take risks all the time.

I always have a combination of this vibrant fear going into class because I know I’m going to be pushed to my limits; but, at the same time, it’s in the best and the most encouraging and safe environment which she nurtures. She encourages you and loves on you and is just so open and approachable and real. She brings play to the class because she’s a playful and fun person.

So, for me, it’s just the best experience ever. Like this is why I wanna do this: I want to challenge my self, I want to grow, I want to connect, I want to be a better artist. And at the same time, I want to have fun. So I would definitely encourage anyone to take a class with her.

– Opal T-B

3rd Year Student

“Since I started working with her, I know what I’m doing and I’m confident every time I get a script…..”


Katie, without a doubt, has helped me raise my game on every level when it comes to auditioning for Film & TV. She’s worked in the industry for a long time and knows what she’s doing— she’s full of wisdom and knowledge related to the business and how an actor can empower themselves with an entrepreneurial mindset and a vision for the kind of work that they like to do, where they want to take their career, and the steps that they can take to get there.

And she’s genuinely a delight to work with. Since I started working with her, I know what I’m doing and I’m confident every time I get a script. You learn to get a script on short notice, analyze it and make bold, creative decisions that are also clear and true to the writing and the storytelling. Continuing to work with her, I’m constantly engaging with my creative impulses and just strengthening and reinforcing all the habits that are relevant to auditioning and I think that that will reflect itself in every room I walk into and everything I self-tape and submit for.

– George M.

3rd Year Student

George Portrait

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