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Students are encouraged to enroll in the Two -Year Program for comprehensive actor training.

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“I’m telling you, the results are so rewarding…..”

I had no idea what “stage combat” meant until I took David’s class. Now I can fake-whoop my fellow actor’s butt in style.
In all seriousness, this class taught me not only about the technical aspects of what goes into performing stage combat, but also the mindset needed to incorporate this into our acting. It’s more than practicing the steps, it’s about learning when to put that “monkey brain” on pause. David and his assistants work with us individually to make sure we know what we’re doing. I’m telling you, the results are so rewarding. You need this class.
– Mona B.
Third Year Student

David Cady is IT. His insight and direction never fail to amaze me; he has such a graceful way of guiding us through whatever we’re working on. He is clear and precise and FUNNY and engaging. I cannot recommend his class enough. You don’t want to miss it!

– Audre B.

Third Year Student

Audre Portrait

I had a wonderful experience taking David Cady’s Commercial Acting class. I found the course material to be highly applicable to real-life scenarios. David is a wonderful teacher; he provides students with a clear understanding of what to expect in a commercial audition as well as empowers students with the tools necessary to be able to quickly, creatively and effectively break down copy. David is wonderfully imaginative and provides a highly encouraging classroom environment. I would 100% recommend this class to anyone who is interested in getting involved in the business of commercial acting.

– Sebastian P.


“Pandora is a great collaborator…..”


Writing a solo show requires personal commitment, generosity and courage. However, through-out the process, you will surely feel self-doubt, fear and a relentless need to procrastinate. Having Pandora Scooter in your corner during the writing process will ensure you have all the knowledge and experience that you need to write something of which you can really feel proud. Pandora is a great collaborator. She will challenge you, but she is also very caring and will be there to support you while you attempt to bare your soul and tell your story.

– Jeff C.



“Being in Clown class was a transformative experience…..”


Being in Clown class was a transformative experience. Justin created a space in which we felt free to express ourselves with love for ourselves and each other, without judgement or fear of failure or messing up. Being a clown opened me up in ways that made me a more happy person, as well as a more open and creative artist, with more of a capacity to trust and play with others. There is nothing else quite like it.

– Neil F.

Conservatory Student


Meg is SO smart, and also SO kind! She brought great insight to the variety of texts we analyzed in Script Analysis. I loved how she always pivoted the conversation to what her students wanted to discuss that day. Meg’s ability to pivot, while staying true to the text, made her classes very enjoyable! Also, she would open up every class to what her students were seeing on the stage, film, and/or television – which would often come back to the text we were discussing that day. Meg is GREAT!

– Michael TJ W.


“That might have been the most playful I’d ever gotten in the Studio thus far…..”


Physical Character was an exciting way to kinda shake things up and a way for us to dive into the work that we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise, and to learn stuff that, to me, was just so much fun. There was so much play involved. Julia and Mac approach all their work with such energy and enthusiasm but with a serious passion; every class with them feels like a workshop in play, just bouncing ideas back and forth collaboratively. That might have been the most playful I’d ever gotten in the Studio thus far.

– Robert P.

Conservatory Student

Voiceover is awesome! It’s super helpful and a lot of fun. Andy not only teaches the class, but gives you great tools, tricks, and tips to pursue VO as a career. It’s crazy how helpful the little tricks he gives us are; when you do a line reading and he says “roll your eyes while you’re saying the line,” you can hear the difference just in the eye roll.

– Jared W.

Conservatory Student

“When I say that Belinda is one of the best listeners I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, I’m not hyperbolizing….”


I started playing sports at a very young age until they eventually took me on to a collegiate career. I had coaches for everything. I was very fortunate in that regard. I’ve always sought out mentors to help me advance in sports, academics, and now, acting. When I say that Belinda is one of the best listeners I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, I’m not hyperbolizing. She is so knowledgeable, yet she doesn’t let that knowledge elevate her above her students. You really feel and understand that Belinda is there to be working with you.

Throughout my years of having coaches and mentors, I’ve always felt that they can easily fall into the trap of letting their expertise or knowledge be used as a platform of power. Not Belinda. Her curiosity and desire to walk into a classroom with her students and listen to them is unparalleled. Also, there were several students in the class who mentioned their earlier experience with the Alexander Technique and how they weren’t huge fans of it. That wasn’t their experience this time around.

A teacher is a conductor of the energy in a classroom. In my experience, how Belinda conducts her classroom environment is beyond intelligent, beyond creative, beyond fun— it’s caring, full of listening, and curious.
– Brian A.
Alexander Technique Student

“I recommend Justin’s clowning class for anyone who wants to re-awaken the child in them and to expand deeper into the depths of their most care-free, impulsive artistry….”

I signed up for Justin’s Clowning class last minute and to me and my work as an artist, it ended up being one of the most critical additions to my curriculum at TK. Clown with Justin was FUN yes, but it was also meaningfuldeepengaging, and (some moments) mind-blowing. Justin guided our unique qualities and helped us expand on them while letting us express it in our own personalized, silly way. There were moments I would cry and there were moments I would laugh so hard I would cry – the classroom was always inviting. Justin’s demeanor is kind, inviting, playful, and expansive.
I adored everything about this class and what Justin brought with it. I recommend Justin’s clowning class for anyone who wants to re-awaken the child in them and to expand deeper into the depths of their most care-free, impulsive artistry.
-Kitty P.

“Being in Andy’s class makes me feel like I’m a kid again….”


Voice Over has been a class that I have been wanting to take at the Studio for quite sometime and I figured there’s no better time than now! Being in Andy’s class makes me feel like I’m a kid again. During this time in the world, having this creative space and opportunity has been so comforting, due to Andy’s encouragement, knowledge, and ease as a teacher. Andy has taught us to “embrace the discomfort of our quirks while living truthfully in the work as this is what makes us all unique.” Through this I feel the work has been instinctual, connected, and fun! This class is teaching me so much about the person and artist I am, and I’m grateful for that. I am excited to apply everything we are learning in this class, and at the Terry Knickerbocker Studio, to our future work as artists.

– Jackie C.


Jackie C

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