Yoga for the Sacred Work of the Actor

Former TK Student Heather Peterson is facilitating this one-of-a-kind workshop. She will lead you through the work of the body and the physical metaphors of asana, while encouraging you to compassionately explore your habitual habits. The goal? To be more present on and off the mat AND in and out of class.

Best of all, the intention of this workshop series to add specific language within the sequence to help the MEISNER ACTOR draw parallels to their acting work in and out of class!


There will be times when you can bring in text to specific poses or add sound.  In addition, the inquiry work will center around self-discovery, creativity, compassion, and the sacred work of the actor.


Benefits of Yoga for the Actor 

  • Self Discovery
  • Additional access points to your work as an actor
  • More confidence and trust
  • Mental clarity and focus
  • An understanding and compassion toward your physical and mental habits
  • A commitment to living authentically in your acting work and life.
  • Pushing the edge of what’s possible on and off the mat
  • Courage to express yourself fully
  • Joy and Play
  • Inspiration


You will be lead through a sequence of 56 poses as part of the Baron Baptiste Journey into Power Sequence*.


Although Power Yoga can and is an intense workout, this class is appropriate and adaptable to any level of physical ability.


Heather Peterson




TBD Fall 2019


$20 Drop In

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