Physical Comedy Workshop

Terry Knickerbocker Studio is happy to welcome Master physical comedy teacher Sophie Amieva to the studio for an amazing 8-Week Workshop this Spring!

Physical comedy training is focused on sharpening specific tools for performers to ground themselves on a stage and truly connect with themselves and their audience. It thrusts the actor out of their comfort zone – a zone in which she or he clings on to fear and ego. We learn how to maintain constant motion inside of even a still body because in performance, every moment should be an event.

In this workshop, we play many different games and improvisations to keep each performer in a state of urgency, serve the moment by reacting to and playing with the space, surrender to our id and, most importantly, make each other laugh. There is no fourth wall in physical comedy!

Bring your silly, your joy, your fearlessness…and some comfortable clothes to move in.

Let’s play!


Sophie Amieva




TBD Fall 2019



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