Intro to Meisner

Learn the fundamentals of the Meisner technique in this nine-week introductory class.

This course is perfect for those actors looking to brush up on their truthful communication or those wanting to sample the Meisner work prior to committing to a Two Year Professional Acting Conservatory.

We will follow Sanford Meisner’s traditional sequence of improvisational exercises, starting with the repetition exercise. Students gradually start to work with imaginary circumstances of their own devising, and then deepen and expand the work over the course of nine weeks, concluding with basic scene work. Students start to cultivate certain core acting skills, including deep listening, the ability to truthfully respond, and opening themselves up to be able to express themselves fully under any imaginary circumstances.


Kendrick Merdani





Tuesday/Friday 11:00am-1:00pm

18 classes

Class meets twice a week for 2 hours

9 weeks



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