Improv for Actors

Learn long-form improv by using the tools you already have as an actor.



We will create compelling characters, sustainable comedic ideas, and supportive improvised scenes while enhancing our listening skills, group mind, and playfulness. Grow your ability to react honestly and quickly for the future of your career and personal growth. There is no need to be funny, just to have fun.


You may be asking, “What will we do in class?”

We will hone your own comedic voice by tapping into honest reactions and philosophies. We will enhance listening through exercises. We will explore character creation through scene work. And ultimately create comedic ideas that will seem effortless.



Why do we do long form improv?


Great question!


To build out our range as actors.

To enhance our ability to react with honesty.

To enhance memory.

To remove the fear of the unknown.

To bring honesty and spontaneity to the audition room.


Jessica Morgan




Sundays 7/14 AND 7/21


3 Hour Workshop


$40 Each

How good do you want to be?

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