General American Speech Class


The objective is to develop the actor’s command and mastery of the sounds of American English and increase their vocal flexibility and skill necessary to approach any text.

The course is designed for detailed phonetic analysis, diagnosis, and practice of the economical, exact and muscularly unbound formation of the sounds of American English for the stage, film, and television.

The class focuses on integrating speech skills with Linklater Voice technique. There is an emphasis on rigorous articulation exercises, phonetic transcription, and use of Pitch, Rhythm, and Volume as tools for spoken clarity. Students work with classic, highly rhythmic and complex texts and utilize frequent practice recordings to focus on individual needs.

Where Voice 1 is an introduction to breath, freeing vibration, and opening of the vocal channel and Voice 2 is concentrated on developing resonance and pitch range for a fuller embodiment of text, General American Speech is a breath-based, articulation intensive exploration of the shaping of sounds into words and language.

This class is ideal for actors who speak English as a second language or any actor seeking to quickly sharpen their skills with language and grow beyond their everyday speaking habits.



Matthew Dudley


Voice I or Equivalent





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