Intensive Scene Study with Pandora Scooter

Use all your skills from acting, script analysis, movement, and more in this rigorous, intensive Scene Study class. You’ll get to do a deep dive into excellent scripts (Williams, Kushner, Mamet, Vogel, Parks, Wilson) and realize your full potential as an actor under the incisive scrutiny of Pandora Scooter. This class is the perfect tune-up to support your skills.
Day One we hit the ground running. You will be assigned a scene prior to class beginning and you will prepare the scene for first rehearsal – complete with beats, actions, objectives, character ideas, acting relationships and more. Each week we’ll go deeper into the scenes until you nail it. This is the workout you’ve been waiting for.

Pandora Scooter


Two Year Program or Equivalent



Sundays 6-9pm

8 weeks/8 Classes

No class 3/15, 3/22, 4/12



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