Advanced Script Analysis with Scene Work

Students will apply script analysis skills to their acting technique to create a comprehensive, vibrant performance experience. In each class, students will act scenes from plays or screenplays. Feedback on the work will be based on what the students have learned in acting and script analysis.


Third years and recent grads only.


Week 1 Angels in America Part 1 or 2. Prepare to perform your scenes as if this were a first rehearsal. Lessons: the Big Picture and the First Rehearsal.

Week 2 Angels in America. Take notes from first week and bring the scene in again.

Week 3 Angels in America. Nail the scenes. Prep for next week’s scenes.

Week 4 A Streetcar Named Desire. Prepare to perform your scenes. Review analysis/perform scenes.

Week 5 A Streetcar Named Desire. Try to nail scenes from last week.

Week 6 Some hold over scenes from the week before. New scenes from Mamet shorts, including Goldberg Street. Prepare to perform your scenes.

Week 7 Take notes from last week and apply to this week.

Week 8 Nail the scenes. Cold Reading, and if time, application.


Pandora Scooter


Two Year Program or Equivalent



Sundays 6-9pm

8 weeks/8 Classes

No class 3/15, 3/22, 4/12



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