Actor-Director Dynamic

Making the move from the acting class into the rehearsal hall can be challenging.   Many directors are not “actor-friendly” and most do not speak the language of Meisner.  

How do actors deal with notes like, “Faster!” or, “Be happier!” or, “Just do something different”?  What kinds of questions should actors ask a director, and which questions should be saved for the acting coach?  In The Actor-Director Dynamic, you can unpack the role of the director, what to expect from directors, and how to get the most of the actor-director collaborative relationship.

You will “audition” and be cast in 10-15 minute scenes from writers like David Mamet, David Albee, David Ives, Paula Vogel, Lorraine Hansberry, Caryl Churchill, Tennessee Williams, and Suzan Lori Parks.  Every attempt will be made to cast students in roles that are both individually challenging and appropriate.

The class will begin with direction that is Meisner-friendly and work towards a more results-oriented process. It empowers the actor to know what questions to ask, and alleviates the uncertainty of working professionally. If you want experience working with a professional director in a lab environment, this is the class for you.


Pandora Scooter


Two-Year Conservatory training, or equivalent





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