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We love setting our actors up for success. And we have some very talented friends who help them get to where they want to go.

Please see a list of our preferred vendors for professional actor services.

Singing Voice Technique with Jack Eppler

Singing Technique 917-439-5177

Having a singing technique means simply knowing how to consistently and healthily produce the kind of sound we want to make. The soundest technique comes more from understanding what we’re feeling in our bodies than what we think we hear in the sound. Good singing in all styles is thrilling, and the greatest singing is acting with song. When a singer works with a free voice and their mind is lined up with their heart, it’s exciting no matter what style they’re singing. We study singing to release physical constraints and to develop the full resonant capability of the voice, so that we are free and empowered to express words through song.

Jack Eppler masterfully employs a variety of teaching methods to guide his students towards crafting emotionally truthful, technically sound performances. Students leave his studio with a better understanding of the body as an instrument, a comprehensive repertoire, and with the self confidence to sing with pride in front of any audience.

Drew Robinson Reels

Actor Reels, Websites, and More 347-545-2818

Putting together your reel, website, and portfolio doesn’t have to be an expensive, impersonal process. I offer affordable rates and clear communication to position your work in your best light. I’ve helped numerous actors and filmmakers edit, audio engineer, and create distribution plans for their films and reels. Together we’ll create an impressive visual calling card for you as an artist.

Drew Robinson is a filmmaker and post-production expert. His work has been featured in numerous festivals, broadcast on television all over the world, and accrued hundreds of thousands of views online. He’s taught people of all ages and experience levels how to work with media and technology, so he is ready to meet you exactly where you are. Clear, honest, expert advice and communication.


Actor Reels 917-722-2401

REELARC provides you with original, cinematic scenes so you can connect with casting directors, agents, and managers and grow your acting career now. They keep up on the tech and techniques that will make you look the best.

REELARC won't make you a traditional actor reel; instead, they'll create completely original scenes, made specifically to showcase YOU. This helps ensure industry professionals get an immediate, crystal clear picture of you and where they can cast you.

One On One NYC

Industry Connections 212-691-6000

One on One is a members-only networking studio. They provide actors with the opportunity to meet and work on-camera with industry professionals, including agents, managers and casting directors. Their events are either intimate group classes or private one-on-one sessions.

One on One is the leader in the field of industry connections in NYC. A wide variety of industry professionals visit the studio, and they are legitimately interested in finding new talent. Prices are reasonable. And there is quite a bevy of success stories of actors contacted after taking a class!

Todd Estrin Photography

Headshot Photography 646-929-2029

Todd says about his process: "I have discovered in my life that it is really easy to hide. I have also discovered that we all want to be seen. My photography work is all about finding you -- not the you that you think you need to be, but rather the you that you are. My process is intimate, fun, and exposing. Ultimately, it’s an opportunity to explore self in front of the camera. The only requirement is that you show up with a willingness to be seen. I will take care of the rest!"

So many clients remark how working with Todd is different than working with other headshot photographers-every step of his unique process is about making the client feel absolutely comfortable in front of the camera, so that they are able to get the most dynamic, honest, real shots possible.

Career Coaching with Allison Brzezinski

Actor Career Coaching 860-302-3489

One of the most important elements of being successful in this business is knowing who you are. Through individual coaching sessions, actors become empowered with tools and strategies necessary for a successful acting career. During our work together, actors develop an innate understanding of the business, including their specific industry access point, strong brand identity, how to comfortably connect with industry professionals and take the next steps in your career. In addition, we will work to create a package of deliverables that feature your brand, cultivate a knowledge of the tv and film world in an effort to help you dive into the industry with confidence and self-awareness.

Allison is beloved as the teacher of our 3rd Year Take Charge of Your Career class, so we know full well how much knowledge of the industry she has. For any actor looking for personalized advice on how to navigate the business, look no further than Allison!

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