Terry Knickerbocker Studio Presents: Ronald Lopez



Hear TK Student Ron Lopez talk about his experiences with the Meisner work, his community, and his commitment to excellence here at Terry Knickerbocker Studio.

After completing the Two Year Program, I’ve  come out with a sense of confidence as an actor. I no longer have to keep telling myself, “I want to be an actor. I’m gonna be an actor. This is the kind of actor i want to be.” It helps define you. You are an actor when you finish this program.


We have such a tight group. Such a tight group. And it’s so great because being in Third Year right now, I have all of these ideas and I’m so happy to have these people to invite. I’m trying to get a theatre group together and I have that trust with the people who i’ve met here. And some of them are my best friends now. It’s such a tight group. It’s a very big loving group of people who are very serious about what they’re doing. Sio I think that’s another thing that attracted me to Terry that I saw from his students that they were all so focused.


If you are really serious about acting I think this is the best teacher, this is the best teacher I’ve ever had in, whatever, in the 29 years I have been alive. This is the best teacher I’ve ever had. The best mentor. And the best person that i’ve ever met. Yeah I think that whenever I meet someone who is serious about acting, I’m like “This is the the man you need to go to. Trust me. I’ve been around. And this is the only option.” Not the only option, but you know what I mean. But it’s so rare. The capacity in which he teaches. There is such a focus and such a push to push to your limits and there’s a gentleness and a safeness at the same time which I’ve never seen with another teacher.