Terry Knickerbocker Studio Presents: Ali Brasky



Hear TK Student Ali Brasky talk about her experiences with the Meisner work, her community, and her commitment to excellence here at Terry Knickerbocker Studio.

Oh Sanford Meisner. The Meisner technique has transformed my life. I speak much slower now, for instance, I’m a much better listener. It’s alleviated so much anxiety. Anxieties about the future, and if you’re forced to be in the present moment and have your attention on the other person, you don’t have room for anxiety. I’ve realized the essence of many of my relationships. Friends who have been with me I have so much more gratitude now because my eyes are open and open to realize actually everything they do and everything they don’t have to do. It also opens your eyes to how you’re being treated. If someone goes out of their way to be considerate of you or to be completely inconsiderate or petty or spiteful oh you notice that. And I feel that I lot more of my friends come to me now for advice, I’m this wise town sage, but really I’m just quoting Terry all the time. “This feels transactional.” “Am I an ATM?’ And they’re like “Wow, that’s amazing”. And I’m like “Yes.” I feel like I should have a little jar and just put a nickel in it every time I steal one of his quotes and just pass it off. But they’re real! They are inalienable truths. Like, you realize all these triggers you have for yourself, and you can avoid them. And you discover them in the technique. “How do I feel right now? How do I feel? How do I feel? How do I feel?” And eventually you get an answer.


Being an “Artist Committed to Excellence” to me means being completely dedicated in terms of time effort commitment openness and availability to explore boundaries and step on them and not ending the job with the bare minimum. Ending the job when you have nothing left to give, and then trying a little more. We have standards of perfection we always work towards to be, and we know what the standards of perfection are. But we may not be willing to accommodate them because it’s too much work. It’s too much effort. It’s too much time. But if you’re committed to excellence, the standard of perfection is just the bare standard. And anything less doesn’t even qualify.


Terry has created an atmosphere that is completely safe completely supportive. Everyone seems like a part of the same tribe. We call it the TK Tribe. It really feels that way because every person in here is putting their love and their sweat and their tears out for everyone to see. I’ve never studied anywhere where after class every single person in the class wants to go somewhere and talk about class and talk about acting and talk about everything we did and what the future holds.