Terry Knickerbocker Studio Presents: Alexandra Fees


Hear TK Student Alexandra Fees talk about her experiences with the Meisner work, her community, and her commitment to excellence here at Terry Knickerbocker Studio.

The work we’re doing is always supportive. We’re really invested in each other. You’re in a class with, could be up to 20 people. And every single one of those people, you’re with them even step of the way. And you’re invested in their success and they’re invested in you. And the experience you have – really truthfully connecting to them- it’s giving me chills actually. Talking about them I mean there’s just such a sense of trust among the peers and  then also in our work with Terry. He’s very connected with us. And very committed to us. Committed to working with us and sticking with us. He doesn’t give up on anyone. And he really works through every moment with each person. And, I just… I can’t think of a better acting teacher. He’s setting such a warm and loving tone for the whole work. And it’s very healthy and vibrant.
Well. Even when you walk into the studio itself, there is an energy. Like they’ve actually create it, with Feng Shui, I read. In our blog. It’s so good. Like, and you don’t… at first I didn’t know what it was. Like, “wow, what’s going on here.” Like it just shifts. And you feel so comfortable. And yet, energized. And, they’ve actually laid out the physical location. And it’s in Industry City, Brooklyn. It’s separate from Manhattan. Which really makes you feel like you’re going on a journey, and this is your time. And you’re committed to this time. So even just the physical location and the space. Really first, sets the tone the minute you walk in the door. And then, the people here are so committed to being the best actors, and humans they can be. And investing in you, and you’re investing in them. And then Terry is investing in all of us. And it’s just like this real healthy, just outpouring of energy and excellence. And everyone is pushing to be the be the best. Not pushing.  But living to be the best actor they can be. And yeah. It’s like an oasis.