Sam Rockwell and Terry Knickerbocker and…Impressions

Watch Terry Knickerbocker and Sam Rockwell goof around together at our Studio in Brooklyn. Michael Caine anyone?

Terry: We worked on a project together, and what is it?

Sam: It’s called “Blue Iguana” isn’t it?

Terry: Is it?

Sam: Yeah

Terry: It’s what? What is it?

Sam: Well, I hear it’s uh…[00:11 Inaudible]

Terry: So Michael Caine won’t be in it?

Sam: So Michael Caine won’t be in it.

Terry: Yeah, yeah- that’d be good

Sam: Well I don’t know, do I…

Terry:Yeah. How’s the work? Has it been good?

Sam: Work is great. You know this man, he’s a fucking geezer- this guy right here.

Terry: Oh, that’s right- well you took. Back at you.

Sam: Do what he says! [00:29 Crossover talk]

Terry: You do what he says!

Sam: Because [00:29 Inaudible] that way

Terry: You do what he says

Sam: Right

Terry: We have some moments in there

Sam: Well cheers mate [00:36 Inaudible]

Terry: That’s about all you’ve got to say do you.

Sam: I like these masks that you’ve got in here

Terry: Oh yeah?

Sam: Yeah very nice [00:41 Crossover talk]

Terry: I’ll put one on, you put one on

Sam: Yeah let’s put one on

Terry: Alright

Sam: Look at this [00:45 Crossover talk]

Terry: There you go. That’s how it goes. This is how we do our work.

Sam: Yeah

Terry: I go “Sam-”

Sam: It’s very primitive

Terry: “Sam have a moment”. And then what do you say?

Sam: Oh, and then I say “ Aye-Ooi-Hello-Peekaboo” Who is it?

Terry: There you go. We’re having fun! That’s how it works! And that’s the magic.

Sam: [Laughing]

Terry: High five!