Kendrick Merdani: “Why I Work With Terry.”

Associate Meisner teacher Kendrick Merdani talks about why he continuously chooses to work with Terry Knickerbocker.

Interviewer: “Why do you choose to work with Terry?”

Kendrick Merdani (Associate Meisner Teacher): I started to notice this bit of difficulty in the language in communicating with directors when I had done shows. Something was lost in the translation. The way they were communicating with me or with the other actors it was just, it wasn’t clear. The language and vocabulary that Terry uses in the classroom and what I got used to it just was very clear. He could just say two words and I know exactly what he wanted from an actor or from me when I was working with him. That was I think the main reason why I asked him to sit in class and watch him work. I was mesmerized that I was picking up the same things that he did and I was like ‘OK I need to pursue this a little deeper.’”