Kendrick Merdani: Terry Knickerbocker and the Importance of Meisner

Associate Meisner teacher Kendrick Merdani talks about life, art, Meisner, and everything Terry Knickerbocker Studio.

Kendrick Merdani Introduces Himself

My name is Kendrick Merdani, and I am originally from Albania. I arrived here in the early 90’s. I’ve been with Terry for the last 10 years or more. Starting as a student and also training as a teacher as well.

Why Meisner?

I think it has helped me tremendously and has made it easier, I think. Given me my own, sort off, tools as an actor. Through the process of becoming a teacher it became more sharper and more available to me. Cause sometime you get into the the habit of just, you know… using just nail and wrench to fix everything, or a screwdriver you know. But the are so many other stuff that you can use. Just to put it in those terms. It has also helped me, as I said, in the beginning, you know. One of the main reasons was the way that I was having a bit or this hurdle…ahh… figuring out a way to communicate with these directors that don’t have the training. Not every director comes from a… an actor background. You know. They have a vision. They know how things look and how they want it to come off on screen. But they don’t have the experience, the training, or the language to communicate with the actors. So, that, that has helped me tremendously on that aspect. Yeah.

Very much so. For me I found the Meisner technique, um, to be more precise. The more reliable… um, way of going about my crafting process. When something in your gut just feel right, it just sometime, its there, you know. Anyone that is willing to commit to learning the craft, it’s something that will be with you forever.