Edward Norton, Peter Lewis, Alec Baldwin’s “Here’s the Thing”

Alec Baldwin (AB): Who’s the person on the set, off the set, anywhere in the whole configuration who’s helping you protect your performance? I directed a film once. I hated the experience. And the person that was most underserved, acting-wise, was me.

Edward Norton (EN): Was you.

AB: How did you prevent against that? Who was your voice?

EN: I mean, most part my partner Bill Migliore who – he and I met as actors.

AB: He helped you in that way?

EN: We met as actors, and he’s a terrific actor. He’s my producer on this film.

AB: And he helped you keep an eye on that?

EN: Absolutely, like, he’s just a trusted – you know, you glance over, a little bit of a nod, a little bit of a shake of the head like ‘I’m not really sure.’

AB: One more.

EN: Yeah. Like, you know, or, there’s that. I trusted Dick Pope, my great cinematographer

AB: So you had some eyes.

EN: You know, yeah. And honestly, there’s a guy that plays The Mayor, who you steamroll right at the beginning of the film, Peter Lewis is an actor I worked with when I was 24 in New York on the stage, and he’s a terrific actor, and he’s a teacher. He’s an acting teacher. I rehearsed my part with him, doing the scenes with you, doing the scenes with Willem, just to give myself some time with someone who I like their instincts, I like their meter, to kind of get my rhythm going on it, and stuff like that.