Alberto Bonilla: “The Moment I Discovered Terry Knickerbocker.”

Third Year Program Director Alberto Bonilla describes the first time he became aware of Terry Knickerbocker and what he could do for actors.

Alberto Bonilla (Director of the Third Year Program): “When I really started to notice Terry, for me, when I became really interested in his work was… I was holding auditions. Four people in a row Came in. And they weren’t the right type, but they were so present and so good. They each had Terry’s name as their teacher. They came fully prepared. Emotionally available. And I was like “well this guy must be doing something right because these guys are like giving some killer auditions.” Their listening skills as an actor were so sharp and so present and…and and and…ready to create. I was like, I remember there was like four people in a row. I was like “one…that was great, Terry, okay. Next one…that was great too…Terry? Wait what’s going on here.” I was like “who is this guy?”