Terry Knickerbocker Studio Presents: Deonna Dolac



Hear TK Student Deonna Dolac talk about her experiences with the Meisner work, her community, and her commitment to excellence here at Terry Knickerbocker Studio.

Giving your all, and accepting feedback and then using that feedback without judgement on yourself. Without judgement on Terry and it’s just committing yourself to work on those things. To take it in, and then work on it the next time. It’s being disciplined. It’s being–putting your all, 100% in, all of your energy into yourself, into your partner, into Terry, being committed to excellence is enjoying yourself too. Enjoying yourself but having that passion and that dedication and motivation to really be the best, the best I can be.


There’s this passion, this sense of community, this sense of love that I get from everybody, from Staff, from Second year students, from First Year students, from people who taking Intensives. We are all here to do the work. We are all here to support each other, which is really nice. That’s what’s unique about it. We are not here just to give Terry money, and be like “Here, just give me this, give me that,” We are here to really engage and invest in each other, and that’s what I think is different.


Becoming more aware of connection and of truth and it’s really been so impactful on how I see my relationships with people and if they’re healthy. Because it they are not, they are not going to help with my work, but also learning how people respond to you, and if we’re really getting anywhere with each other. Even with my friends I’m notice like “are we really having a truthful conversation,” “Are you getting anything out of this? Am I getting anything out of this? What are you feeling? How am I feeling? Do I hate you? Do I love you?” I think about that constantly. Constantly. With everybody now. So it completely changed it all. Single life!