Curious? 9-Week Intro to Meisner Acting Class begins October 17th!




Terry Knickerbocker goofs around with an intimate Meisner class in his studio in Brooklyn, New York.

We get it: at first glance, a full Two-Year Conservatory program can be a scary thing.

Time, money, career, travel, school, work, your dog. It all seems to get in the way of committing to long-term foundational training…at least right now.

Maybe you’re about to go into PILOT SEASON. But you have a new creeping sense of dread. You are not ready to do the rounds again. Last year was ok. Not great. You want to do better. You need to do better.


Your work is inconsistent. Your dependable actor toolkit is running a bit thin, and you’re nervous about what they’re going to throw at you this year.


Maybe you REALLY wanted to do the  TK Summer Intensive, but you had already said yes to that summer stock production in Montana. The good people of Bigfork needed you for Mama Mia. And you thought you needed the paycheck.


Maybe you have NEVER taken an acting class in your LIFE, but you have always been curious. You just don’t know where to start. You don’t even know if you’ll LIKE acting. You only stumbled upon this blog post in your Google search of “How To Act in NYC” and the lightbulb went off. You thought, “I might love this. But it sounds kind of scary.”


Foundational Training is for Everyone


Whether or not you are on your fourth Broadway show, or your fourth Google search asking about acting, we’d like to introduce you to a concept: Foundational Training starts at the beginning. Literally. For everyone.

Experience, talent, and TV credentials all mean nothing when it comes to the work. What it does take is a willingness to take the leap, and commit to that choice.


And so you’re in luck! Once a year, Terry Knickerbocker Studio offers a 9-week Intro to Meisner Class in our studio in Industry City, Brooklyn. We offer the first 18 classes outlined in Sanford Meisner’s book On Acting. The 18 classes that are sure to offer you a real insight into whether or not this technique is the right one for you.


The 18 classes that are sure to begin, or continue tuning your listening skills and your ability to respond truthfully.



Space is limited and entry into the class is by interview only!

Take the first step towards investing in your talent and your future.


You have questions. We LOVE questions!

Call us today at 718-801-8999

Or fill out an informal application TODAY

We look forward to seeing you in class.

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