Scene Study for Film & TV

Scene Study for Film & TV continues to build on the work in Script Analysis for Film & TV.


Scene Study for Film & TV continues to build on the work in Script Analysis for Film & TV. This class is a constant, on your feet scene study. Approaching the simplest moments in a close up to the most extreme of a master shot. We will take on various forms of material from single camera to indie to network to blockbuster to cable. Each week will involve a different format and students will be given a script to read for coverage, thus continuing their ever-expanding understanding of script analysis and learning how to make choices that bring their work, their artistry on line.


Topics to be included:


-Behavior on camera: a conversation of the size of the frame and what is required in each set up, we will work on moment to moment work to establish character, relationship and environment,

-Behavior on camera in partner scenarios How to hold the stakes of a scene without text,

-Working on Discussion of dramaturgy, technical elements of scenes, and continuity,

-Working on period pieces in different set ups,

-Working on the secret script. The NDA, dummy script. How to keep yourself front and center,

-Working on a show in its second season,

-Series Regular work-out,

-The Audition prep/work–Testing your warm up, analysis, presentation and ability to play and adjust in real time for camera and under pressure.

Two Year Professional Acting Conservatory training, or an equivalent Conservatory, Undergrad or MFA program. Special consideration may be given to students who have not completed any of the above. Please contact the Administration for more information.
Thursdays 6:00pm-9:00pm EST
12 weeks/12 classes
No class 11/25