Emotional Education Group

Need a place to process the feelings that come up in your training experience?


Anger, sadness, joy….annoyance. Is that even a feeling? I don’t know!

 You have just begun this exhilarating journey of examining yourself, becoming aware of your conditioning and habits, and now need to move them aside to enable you to become the best actor you can be.

In the Emotional Education Group Workshop we will focus on providing support, helping you to process your experience in class and address the issues and challenges that are arising for you in the work.

The group will provide a safe space:

·       To debrief

·       To share your experience along with your peers

·       To provide support

·       To help you process what is coming up as a result of the work

·       To gain perspective

·       To illuminate what may be bubbling beneath the surface


Sinead pursued her professional training as an actor with Terry Knickerbocker and completed the Two Year Meisner program. She earned her B.A in Theater from Empire State College and her Masters of Social Work with a focus in Psychotherapy from New York University. Sinead is also a certified Reiki Energy healer and the founder of  The Movement IaMheR, a platform that empowers women who have experienced sexual violence to share their stories of experience, strength, and hope.

Sinead O’Donoghue
Enrollment at Terry Knickerbocker Studio

Fall Emotional Education Workshop




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