Alexander Technique II

AT II is for anyone who has taken AT I* and wants to explore AT in action: in their acting, and daily lives.


This course welcomes anyone who has taken the first level and wants to begin putting AT into action–in your daily living, and in your acting–while continuing to build foundational skills.
Now that we’re back in the studio with each other, we will be re-awakening our interactive skills, spatial awareness and coordinating the dynamics of sharing real time space with other people. We will hone our skills for enlivening relationships with scene partners/ensemble members–from an organized and authentic “I”.
We will delve more deeply into our human and actor habits –we’ll unpack habits that get in our way, and learn how to build habits for being a stronger craftsperson. As we learn more about coordinating physical and emotional expression, we will emphasize the power of doing less in order to gain a more free, courageous presence.
Each student receives individual feedback and will be expected to practice outside of class time. The course includes follow-up resources and assignments for self-paced practice.

*Or the equivalent of AT 1 with the teacher’s permission

Alexander I, or equivalent

1/21/22-3/11/22 (HOLD 3/25 in case it’s needed)
Fridays 9-1130am
8 classes/8 weeks