Advanced Movement Intensive

A 4-week Advanced Movement Intensive exclusively at Terry Knickerbocker Studio

A 4-week Advanced Movement Intensive exclusively at Terry Knickerbocker Studio, a Meisner acting conservatory located in the heart of Industry City, Brooklyn.

The Intensive is now in it’s 13th Year – providing a dynamic and personal movement laboratory that supports both the student actor seeking advanced physical work and the working actor looking to deepen the connection with instrument through a focused, intimate ensemble experience.

The Intensive will create a ‘retreat atmosphere’ – giving actors a chance to immerse themselves in the work and supporting each actor’s uniquely personal vision of what they’d like to achieve.  You will be supported with work in alignment, physical release, breath and flexibility and you will be exposed to a rigorous level of physical collaboration that is unique in professional actor training.

The class will focus on:

Balancing vulnerability, improvisation and collaboration

Exploring alignment, release and ease in contact

Carrying physical discoveries into craft and life with new awareness and consistency

Previous Intermediate Williamson Technique, contact improv, or dance training
Summer 2021

$85 Drop In

*There is a $65.00 Admin Fee for all students not currently enrolled at TK Studio, paid at time of deposit