Voice & Speech III


In Voice & Speech III, students build on the foundation developed in Voice I and II, and now focus the exploration and awareness on the individual speech and personal ‘accents’. The group explores the power and dynamics of sound vibrations moving within and through the body in a quest for deeper, fuller, and freer expression.

Participants play with sounds as the building blocks of language and explore vowels and consonants through an active physical engagement of the International Phonetic Alphabet.

This exploration stokes the desire to communicate and brings fullness to the actor’s spoken text. Through whole-body physical and vocal exercises, release and experimentation, students become aware of and explore their own specific way of speaking.

Whether speaking English with a general American accent, with regionalisms shaped nearby or in a distant country, students work to attain maximum intelligibility and freedom to create the possibility of communicating honestly and fully in any accent.

Teacher: Matthew Dudley
Prerequisites: Voice & Speech II

See Two Year Professional Acting Conservatory