Neutral Mask


The mask is an ancient transformation tool. Current theater programs have come to utilize this tool in order to aid with concentration, freedom of expression, and physical confidence.

This workshop will be the preliminary exercise in Shelley Wyant’s course of exploration with masks. Students may discover the ability to witness their unlimited possibilities. With the assistance of a shamanic orchestra of found objects, and Ms. Wyant’s collection of masks, students will discover immediate accesses to the power of the imagination. Students will work in pairs and all members of the class participate in this transformation exercise. The actions of greeting, beckoning, and throwing imaginary objects through space occur in a carefully orchestrated environment designed to touch the mythic imagination of all concerned.

Shelley Wyant has studied with Pierre LeFevre who originally devised the theatrical mask work with Michel St. Dennis and developed it further at Juilliard, in Paris with Jacque Le Coc, and in Bali with Idi Bagus Anom.

Please watch this short video at Shelley’s Website for more details, and join us for what will be an amazing class.

Teacher: Shelley Wyant
Prerequisites: None
Neutral Mask I
Duration: 10/12/22-12/14/22
Wednesdays 930-1130am
No class 11/23