Allan Wayne Work with Paul Langland

April 22-23, 2023
Saturday 930am-130pm
Sunday 930am-330pm (with lunch break)
The late American dancer, Allan Wayne (1907-1978), created an early fusion of ballet, yoga, and emotion work. Adding principles from other dance research, Paul Langland has developed these teachings which he has named “Allan Wayne Work”.

This workshop will be an opportunity to experience the physical principles of Allan Wayne Work. These include: finding muscular support, strength and flexibility closer to the skeleton, resulting in more efficient use of energy and fuller range of movement, and exploring individual and group class projects based on Allan Wayne Work principles. Students will also be invited to explore how the physical and emotional flow of the work can contribute to more released and authentic vocal production.

This work has been studied by a wide range of dancers, actors, athletes, singers, and those in rehabilitation. All levels and experiences, from beginners to professionals, are invited to attend.

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Price: $ 350.00