Special Topic Classes

Solo Show Writing

No writing experience is necessary — just a desire to express a story, a narrative, and an experience.

Solo Show Writing II

Ready to take your Solo Show work to the next level?

Script Analysis II

Continue your work from Script Analysis I!

Emotional Education Group

Need a place to process the feelings that come up in this work?

Audition Monologue Workshop

Learn the art of the monologue with this mock audition opportunity


This workshop is designed for both actors who are new to the playing of Shakespeare as well as those who might have experience, but want a refresher.

Alexander Technique I

Through AT classes, you will learn a process for uncovering your playful responsiveness in the moment.

Actors Creating Work

This series offers students the opportunity to tell stories and create characters in a safe and brave space


TK Studio is proud to announce our voice-over workshop with award-winning casting director and coach Andy Roth.

Script Analysis I

Script Analysis I provides you with a solid, practical, and applicable step-by-step methodology to help figure out what is on the page.

Master Class With Terry Knickerbocker

Now enrolling for ONLINE Master Class, this Summer!

Advanced Movement Intensive

A 4-week Advanced Movement Intensive exclusively at Terry Knickerbocker Studio

Stage Combat

Learn how to be present, aware, and engaged.


The mask is an ancient transformation tool.

The Black Arts Movement: Theater and Film

Explore theater and film through the lens of the Black Arts Movement

Los Angeles Master Class with Terry Knickerbocker

The focus of this workshop is simple: How to make make your scene work better.

Chekhov Technique

The technique exercises our body as a resource and a means of expression.


Clowning is based in the pursuit of the "little one" in all of us.

Creating Physical Character

The aim of this course is to provide actors with a set of vocabulary and a system to design the physicality of a character.

General American Speech Class

This class is ideal for actors who speak English as a second language or any actor seeking to quickly sharpen their skills with language and grow beyond their everyday speaking habits.

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