Peter Raul


"Till Death Do Us Part"

Joseph Arnone

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Film Credits

Boys vs. GirlsMarioRob Alicea

Theatre Credits

The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?MartinTerry Knickerbocker StudioTerry Knickerbocker
It's Called the Sugar PlumZuckermanTerry Knickerbocker StudioTerry Knickerbocker
A Doll's HouseNils KrogstadTerry Knickerbocker StudioTerry Knickerbocker


InstitutionDegree/CertificateRelated CoursesTeachers
Terry Knickerbocker StudioThird Year ProgramFilm & TV I, II, and III

Cold Reading
Alberto Bonilla, Elizabeth Inghram, Rob Alicea
Alberto Bonilla, Elizabeth Inghram
Terry Knickerbocker StudioTwo Yeah Meisner Conservatory - Second YearActing
Script Analysis
Balinese Mask
Terry Knickerbocker
Pandora Scooter
Per Brahe
William Esper StudioTwo Year Meisner Conservatory - First YearActingTerry Knickerbocker
University of BuckinghamMaster of ScienceInternational Business
Faculty of EconomicsInternational Business BA

Special Skills

Trained Negotiator and Public Speaker
Scuba Diving
MMA Beginner Level
Sports (Basketball, Waterpolo, Beach Volleyball and Volleyball)
Gym Lover
Fluent in Italian
Conversational in French and Spanish
Accents - Italian, French, Spanish, Eastern European
Microsoft Suite

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